Brielle Maxwell | Design + Social Business
UX designer, Design Thinker, Design Innovatior share design process and experience
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Design on the mind

About Brielle Maxwell

Brielle is a design entrepreneur with a mind for how design processes can align in a new breed of businesses. She focuses on the intersection of design, technology and social innovation. Through an interdisciplinary approach, she hopes to expand the dialogue of social design.

With a background in design management, Brielle communicates the importance of the users’ perspective and a holistic design experience to achieve business and project goals on every team she is on. Her experience comes from five years of strategic design practices and project management in bringing creative web solutions to life. From establishing and managing the budget, defining the scope, facilitating user research, translating user stories and data into project features, Brielle delivers innovative executions. Focusing on user-centered outcomes has allowed her diverse portfolio of dynamic businesses, nonprofits and startups to expand their impact.

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